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How We Work

Our Approach

KidsCareEverywhere’s fundamental belief is that people are the critical agents of change in a country’s health system. Our mission is driven by our vision, a world where all clinicians have immediate access to current, evidence-based medical information. We believe that science belongs to all of us equally, and that access to information about innovations and improvements in health care empowers health care workers to save lives and reduce the devastating effects of illness and injury. We listen to the needs of our partnering countries, medical institutions, and medical colleagues to jointly develop long-term projects that support the knowledge, confidence, and capacity of clinicians in their local cultures and medical environments.

Our Model

KCE begins a project by meeting in-person or virtually with national, regional, or local health care leaders to 1) conduct a needs assessment to understand the site’s health needs and resources, the medical education system, mobile phone use, English language proficiency, and clinicians' level of access and knowledge of evidence-based clinical resources; 2) determine the level of interest in and commitment to ongoing DynaMed software training programs, primarily on mobile phones, led by local clinicians; and 3) jointly develop a training package that factors in knowledge/experience using evidence-based clinical software resources, the health system’s medical education infrastructure and culture, and other medical resources.

KCE commits to establishing a training project and providing free software access when the site is committed to supporting the project’s planning, implementation, and maintenance. After assessing factors such as site support and interest, political and social stability, and local resources, KCE and site leaders agree on specific training goals and the respective roles and responsibilities of KCE and the partnering site.

KCE staff then establish mutually-agreeable timing for the preparation and delivery of the software and training, recruit team volunteers/instructors, and prepare the team with country-specific cultural and training information. The comprehensive 2024 KCE Instructor Manual is used to help team members and local site instructors standardize preparation, administration, production and evaluation of the training. The local institution selects and appoints on-site KCE champions who takes on the project responsibilities. Champions are responsible for 1) coordinating project/training details with KCE staff; 2) recruiting a small cohort of clinicians to become DynaMed instructors; and 3) project monitoring and evaluating. KCE team members work closely with on-site champions to ensure that the training offered is reproducible, culturally relevant, realistic, and sustainable.

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