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At Emergency Relief Sites KidsCareEverywhere provides immediate software donations to public care centers during disasters.



Walt Keller, MD, spent a week in the mountains outside of Port-au-Prince providing clinical care to children and families still suffering from the devastating repercussions of the earthquake. Dr. Keller brought PEMSoft access information and training materials, and provided the software to a physician at King’s Hospital in Port-au-Prince. Dr. Keller is eager to train more doctors in the use of PEMSoft during his next visit. 


On January 12, 2010, Haiti was devastated by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. KCE immediately donated bundles of pediatric medical softwares to agencies on the ground-level to assist with rapid triaging and clinical decision making.Randy Bergen, MD, spent three weeks donating medical software with KidsCareEverywhere, and collaborated with three additional NGOs while working. Dr. Bergen notes the immense outpour of international aid and interest as inspirational and collaborative, though still sees much need for international volunteerism.

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