Support for our Global Partners

Historically, KidsCareEverywhere's training approach has been sending instructors abroad to host DynaMed trainings for physicians in our partner sites. Adapting to pandemic restrictions, KidsCareEverywhere is now conducting virtual DynaMed trainings to keep up with the ongoing needs of physicians around the world. Provided below are a number of support materials to help you and your colleagues access, renew, and learn more about DynaMed.

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DynaMed Resources

Downloading DynaMed and Creating a Personal User Account

These instructions will walk you through step-by-step in downloading DynaMed and creating a Personal User Account. 

Renewing Your DynaMed License

Learn how to renew (reauthorize) your Personal User Account (giving you another 365 days of DynaMed use):

Using DynaMed on your Mobile Device

Learn how to sign into DynaMed on your mobile device and see the features available to you using the mobile app:

DynaMed User Tutorial

Learn how to search, browse, and follow topics using DynaMed: