At our Outreach Sites we install medical informatics software and do a user training for healthcare professionals.


Purpose: Introduce partnership between a hospital or clinic and KidsCareEverywhere – This is the initial phase for all KidsCareEverywhere projects, and an excellent option for any hospital or clinic in an under-resourced community.


Approach: Physicians travelling internationally to under-resourced hospitals and clinics submit an application to KidsCareEverywhere.


Process: Once an application is approved, the new KidsCareEverywhere ambassador is trained and is given training materials, software and supplemental resources.


Ambassadors lead 1-3 trainings on site and evaluate usage of the software. This ensures that donated KidsCareEverywhere software and materials are effective and useful to our sites


Sustainability: We strive to maintain contact with Outreach Sites and those that experience success become Core Site candidates.


Contact to find out how your hospital or clinic can benefit and obtain KidsCareEverywhere software and resources!



Hospital: Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Referral Hospital.

KCE Team: Dr. Kathy Gallagher MD, Kaiser Pediatrician and KCE Ambassador

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 26


In October 2014, KidsCareEverywhere traveled to Bhutan to conduct training and installations of PEMSoft at Jigme Dorji Wangchuk National Referral Hospital in Thimphu. As of 2011, there were 6 pediatricians in the country, for a population of close to 800,000. KidsCareEverywhere is supporting these physicians and health care professionals with state-of-the-art medical software. The presentations were well received, and the medical personnel were enthusiastic. Dr. Gallagher stated after that trip that, “Bhutan is a country with a good potential for using the PEMSoft program, particularly to assist basic health workers in remote locations, and GMO’s (interns) who are staffing emergency departments and pediatric clinics.”



Hospital: Angkor Hospital for Children (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

KCE Team: Monica McMillan, MD, Ariel Herm, BA

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 50


Dr. Monica McMillan and KCE Development Director, Ariel Herm, conducted two days of training at Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) in Siem Reap, Cambodia, from April 30 to May 1. The goal was to continue our established partnership with physicians at AHC by reviewing the PEMSoft software and its new mobile features with previously trained and current users at the hospital. The team also introduced the mobile app and web versions of the PEMSoft software to new physicians at the hospital. The team led 4 group training sessions and taught 50 clinicians in the use of the web-based and mobile app versions of PEMSoft.


Hospital: Angkor Hospital for Children (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

KCE Team: Ron Dieckmann, MD, Michelle Lin, MD, Rachel Chin, MD, Stevan Cavalier, MD, Stephany Houghton, Drew Kemp, Christina Cackler, MPH, MSW

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 40


On March 13, 2014, the KCE team provided 3 training sessions in the use of the web-based and mobile app versions of PEMSoft. Attending physicians and residents from all departments in the hospital attended the sessions. Participants were very engaged and were especially excited about getting access to the mobile app version, PEMSoft Portable. 


Hospital: Angkor Hospital for Children (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

KCE Team: Bill Melton

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 20


In February, 2013, KCE Ambassador Bill Melton traveled to Cambodia and met with approximately 15-20 physicians, mostly from the Emergency Department and the Intensive Care Unit, as well as a member from the IT team. He introduced PEMSoft and then highlighted the various functions of the software using examples. There were only a couple of computers at the training, so Bill worked through the scenario cases using his computer live with PEMSoft. The physicians were all very attentive and interested and had several thoughtful questions. He then met individually with the IT department and discussed how to put PEMSoft on the server. Overall the presentation and PEMSoft were well-received.

Dr. Kathy Gallagher training doctors in Bhutan

Angkor Hospital for Children in Cambodia

Using Desktop version of PEMSoft

PEMSoft certified in Colombia!


Hospital: Phnom Penh National Pediatrics Hospital (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), Angkor Hospital for Children (Angkor Wat, Cambodia)

KCE Team: Ron Dieckmann, M.D., Robert Pitt, M.D., Marlowe Dieckmann, M.P.H. and Paget Allis

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 10


In 2007, Dr. Ron Dieckmann, Dr. Rob Pitt, and KCE Ambassadors Paget Allis and Marlowe Dieckmann traveled to Cambodia to teach pediatric providers how to incorporate medical technologies into their everyday care of children. They installed PEMSoft at the National Pediatric Hospital in Phnom Penh and at the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap.


KCE Team in front of Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia 


Hospital: Hospital Universitario del Valle and Fundación Clínica Infantil Club Noel (Cali, Colombia)

KCE Team: Ronald Dieckmann MD, MPH (KCE Founder and Executive Director), Drew Kemp (Member of the Board of Directors), Hayley Dieckmann (KCE Program Director), Bianca Maron (Global Health Fellow)

Total Doctors Trained: 27

KidsCareEverywhere returned to Cali, Colombia with a team of four and conducted two trainings at Hospital Universitario del Valle and Fundación Clínica Infantil Club Noel.  The goal was to continue our established partnership with the physicians at Club Noel by reviewing the PEMSoft software and its new mobile features with previously trained and new users at the hospital.  


Hospital: Hospital Susana López de Valencia (Popayán, Colombia), Hospital Universitario del Valle and Fundación Clínica Infantil Club Noel (Cali, Colombia) and Fundación Cardioinfantil (Bogotá, Colombia).

KCE Team: Ronald Dieckmann MD, MPH (KCE Founder and Executive Director), Claudia Espinosa, MD, MSc, Charles Kemp (Member of the Board of Directors), Denis McGuirk (KCE Treasurer, Member of the Board of Directors), Sandy Koshkin (Member of the Board of Directors), Victor Silvestre, MD (Member of the Board of Directors), Ariel Herm (KCE Development Director), Patricia Gates, Leslie Kemp, Barbara Levin, Margaret McGuirk and Anna-Lisa Silvestre.

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 220


KidsCareEverywhere traveled to Colombia to conduct training on PEMSoft mobile and web-based software with physicians across the country. With a team of 12 volunteers and staff members, KCE trained approximately 220 physicians and medical professionals during seven training sessions in three different Colombian cities. KidsCareEverywhere established a strong partnership with four different hospitals: Hospital Susana López de Valencia (Popayán, Colombia), Hospital Universitario del Valle and Fundación Clínica Infantil Club Noel (Cali, Colombia) and Fundación Cardioinfantil (Bogotá, Colombia). We are very excited about this new partnership and the enthusiasm that Colombian physicians have demonstrated toward integrating PEMSoft into their hospital’s infrastructure and to their care for pediatric patients. We are looking forward to continuing this partnership in the future. Stay tuned for a thorough analysis of the impact of PEMSoft on pediatric emergency care in Colombia.

Costa Rica


KidsCareEverywhere collaborated with the Childrens Well Being Foundation (CWBF) in Costa Rica.  The organization is based in San Jose, Costa Rica and serves poor children—mainly Nicaraguan immigrants. They offer free medical, psychological, eye exams, and dental care to children and adolescents from communities with limited access to health services. CWBF is currently under enormous strain from a flotilla of refugees from their northern neighbor Nicaragua, who are fleeing from violence in their own country and entering Costa Rica, whose lean health care system is already unable to care for their own Costa Rican children.

“We really enjoyed working with George and his group at CWBF”, commented Ron. “His organization is doing totally fantastic work. We want to support his doctors who are dedicated but overwhelmed with patients and have almost no resources or information sources”. The software, DynaMed Plus, will allow doctors to access medical information in seconds, and will help identify sick kids that need life-saving drugs or referral into the public Costa Rican system.

“The KidsCareEverywhere software will absolutely help us. It will be a huge benefit. You saw the enthusiasm of our doctors here. They were in love with it,” observed Dr. George Whitelaw, president of Childrens Well Being Foundation (CWBF) in Costa Rica where they successfully completed a physician software donation and training.



In 2013, Dr. Muller and 3 of his colleagues in pediatrics at HealAfrica began using PEMSoft. They have found the software to be very useful in the hospital.


In April 2007, Dr. Andrea Marmor and Dr. Chris Stewart led a KCE expedition to the DRC, where they installed PEMSoft software at three different facilities: HealAfrica, Goma and North Kivu. Despite a shortage of electricity and no running water, they successfully installed the software on hospital computers and trained an enthusiastic group of doctors in children’s care.



Hospital: Pequeños Pasitos

KCE Team: Marlowe Dieckmann, M.P.H.

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 1


KCE Ambassador Marlowe Dieckmann traveled to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2009 to bring PEMSoft to Pequeños Pasitos (Spanish for “small steps”), a clinic and community center that serves 1500 people who live in five rural communities that are located in the mountains outside Santiago, Dominican Republic. Marlowe trained the pediatric providers on how to incorporate medical technologies into their everyday care of children.



Ecuador is KCE’s newest satellite site. Dr. Ron Dieckmann, Executive Director of KidsCareEverywhere, helped lead a medical mission to the Amazon Basin in Ecuador in June 2014. Dr. Dieckmann trained local Ecuadorian physicians and 18 American medical students in use of the PEMSoft software. The students and physicians then used the software continuously in care of 1100 patients in remote villages in the Amazon jungle. The software was extremely useful in diagnosis and treatment of many unusual conditions, such as leishmaniasis, pediatric mitral insufficiency, parasitic disease, soft tissue infections, and many previously-undiagnosed congenital anomalies. KidsCareEverywhere is working with the medical school in Quito, Ecuador and with the Health Department in Tena to support continued dissemination in Ecuador.



Hospitals: Black Lion Hospital (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), Saint Paul Hospital: Millenium Medical College (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

KCE Team: Ron Dieckmann, M.D., Monica McMillan, M.D. and Marlowe Dieckmann, M.P.H.


We installed and updated medical software at Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa. We also successfully updated the medical software on the server at St. Paul’s Hospital in Addis and retrieved some important utilization data from the server. We met with the Ministry of Health’s chief of staff and senior advisor about the future of our project in Ethiopia. They would like us to install our medical software in all 27 medical schools in the country and on 3000 PC tablets, which they plan to give to their residents.


Hospitals: Black Lion Hospital (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), Saint Paul Hospital: Millenium Medical College (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

KCE Team: Ron Dieckmann, M.D., Marlowe Dieckmann, M.P.H., Dennis McGuirk, Monica McMillan, M.D., Haile Girma, Michael McGuirk

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 120


We had a very successful beginning to our Ethiopia program with our week-long project in March 2012. The week included four training sessions at St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, four training sessions at Black Lion Hospital, and a lively presentation to a large audience of medical professionals at the 14th Annual Ethiopian Pediatrics Society Conference. When all was said and done, we had installed PEMSoft on over 500 computers, provided comprehensive training sessions to over 100 physicians and limited training sessions to over 100 additional medical care providers. Our project was received very enthusiastically, as evidenced by our video of trainee testimonials.



Hospital: Matibabu Foundation Hospital (Ukwala, Kenya)

KCE Team: Denis McGuirk, Margaret McGuirk

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 16


Since KCE’s last trip to Ukwala, the Matibabu Foundation has built a new hospital and is in the process of completing a nursing school. Denis and Margaret conducted 3 training sessions and provided PEMSoft access information to 16 clinicians at the hospital. 


Hospital: Matibabu Clinic (Ukwala, Kenya)

KCE Team: Ron Dieckmann, MD, Patty Gates, Hayley Dieckmann


KCE executive director Dr. Ron Dieckmann lead a team to the village of Ukwala in western Kenya in December, 2011 to train rural physicians and clinic staff in PEMSoft software utilization. The remote Matibabu Clinic, where the team spent two days, is in its final weeks of existence, as staff prepare to move operations to a new modern hospital for women and children a few miles away. The new facility is a product of years of fundraising by the Matibabu Foundation–based in Nairobi, Kenya and Oakland, California and will be the most advanced health care facility in hundreds of miles. The clinic and new hospital are actively supported by the grandmother of President Barack Obama, who is a neighbor and patient of Dr. Gail Wagner, the Hayward-based oncologist who co-founded Matibabu—a word that means “healing” in Swahili. Dr. Dieckmann, his daughter Hayley, and wife Patty Gates spent the day at the crowded, dilapidated clinic training and installing PEMSoft software with the staff. When the new hospital opens, the staff will install the software on the computer network—so that all clinical staff will have instant access to state-of-the-art medical information. This represents a gigantic improvement in medical reference support: the current clinic has only a single outdated hard copy medical reference for clinicians caring for over 30,000 patients a year. Malaria, HIV/AIDS TB, diseases of the skin, and diarrhea are the most common conditions. The Matibabu Foundation executive director Daniel Ogola has gained significant attention in Kenya because of his relentless fight to improve care of impoverished children in rural communities.



KCE Ambassador, Dr. Pierre Cohen, visited Laos in 2008 to provide local pediatricians and hospitals with the latest in pediatric emergency care software. While also demonstrating how to use ultra-sound machines, Dr. Pierre Cohen trained the staff at Hospital Mahosot Vientiane in Vietiane, Laos.



Hospital: National Center for Maternal and Child Health.

KCE Team: Dr. Eric Snoey MD, member of the KCE Board of Directors.

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 80


In June and July, KidsCareEverywhere traveled to the National Center for Maternal and Child Health in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Dr. Eric Snoey conducted training on PEMSoft mobile and web-based software with physicians, nurses, and IT staff. The hospital in Mongolia serves as the single pediatric referral center for the entire country, as well as the only program for pediatric residency training. Despite it being a national holiday, we had an incredibly enthusiastic group of over 80 interns, residents and attending physicians present. While this mission was largely exploratory in nature, the level of interest and enthusiasm for PEMSoft and its online and mobile-based medical decision support, suggest many more opportunities for training and partnerships going forward.



Hospital: Hospital de Marrakech, University of Marrakech School of Medicine

KCE Team: Dr. Eric Snoey MD

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 30


In July 2013, KCE Ambassador Eric Snoey traveled to Marrakech, Morocco and met with approximately 30 physicians at a large urban university-based hospital. Inservicing of PEMSoft occurred as part of a formal didactic presentation as well as ‘in line’ with physicians working in their respective clinical areas. Participants included care providers from Pediatrics, ICU, Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine and Surgery. The presentation and downloads were met with great enthusiasm as well as a commitment to circulate PEMSoft as a educational and clinical tool to undergraduate medical students both in Marrakech and Casablanca. This aspect of the program is still in process.

PEMSoft certified in Colombia!

Installation of PEMSoft

Children playing in hospital

Dr. Ron Dieckmann holding a sick baby

PEMSoft certified in Ethiopia!

Learning to use PEMSoft

Hospital in Kenya

Ukwala clinic, Kenya

Installing PEMSoft in Laos

Dr. Eric Snoey tours hospital in Mongolia

University of Marrrakech, School of Medicine

Hospital in Morocco



Hospital: Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Kathmandu Nepal

KCE Team: Dr. Stevan Cavalier (Board Member), Bill Speckart (Associate Team Leader), Judith Roberts (KCE Assistant Director), Tsering Speckart (Project Coordinator), Stephany Houghton (Project Coordinator)

Total Doctors Trained: 86


KidsCareEverywhere went to Nepal in January, 2019.  Eighty-six doctors were trained in four sessions.  Among them were 27 Residents, 43 Interns, and 15 Attending Physicians.  Several new graduates (who would be posted in rural districts where they would be the only doctor) advised that having DynaMed Plus as a resource greatly increased their confidence. Some doctors were not able to attend in person because of distance, so for the first time KCE offered remote training. The hospital administrators are so enthusiastic about DynaMed Plus that they requested that KCE provide training remotely every year to 50 medical students. This new model is under consideration.  



Hospital: Thiadiaye District Hospital, Fatick Regional Hospital, Foundiounge District Hospital, St. Louis Military and Regional Hospitals

KCE Team: Dr. Eric Snoey MD

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 30


In June 2013, KCE Ambassador Eric Snoey traveled to the central and northern regions of Senegal and met with approximately 30 physicians spread across 5 separate medical facilities. In most instances, physicians were either primary care or OB/GYN trained and divided their time between inpatient, clinic and emergency medicine activities. Nursing, EMS and Fireman participated in many of the inservices. Eric introduced PEMSoft and then highlighted the various clinical and educational functions of the software using patient situations and examples relevant to the local epidemiology. Eric’s two sons served as technical consultants performing all the downloads to local laptops and smart phones. The physicians and staff were both enthusiastic and very appreciative of the potential represented by the PEMSoft program.



Hospitals: Mwananyamala Hospital (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), Amana Hospital (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), Temeke Hospital (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), Muhimbili Hospital Pediatric Department (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

KCE Team: Ron Dieckmann, M.D., Monica, McMillan, M.D., Marlowe Dieckmann, M.P.H., Dennis McGuirk and Stevan Cavalier, M.D.

Total Doctors Trained: Approximately 183


The KidsCareEverywhere mobile application research project in Muhimbili Hospital has been completed and was very successful.



Every year, a team of nurses from Australian Catholic University take a group of students to Vanuatu for an elective subject. In 2008, they assisted with the installation of PEMSoft software at the Port Vila Hospital. The staff in the Pediatric ward use the software daily as a reference. As of June 2011, the Vila Central Hospital has free access to PEMSoft online. Physicians, nurses, and students use it for bedside care and education.



Dr. Miriam Martin, a KCE Ambassador, visited Yemen and shares her photos and thoughts from her trip in 2008. She led the implementation efforts to install the latest in pediatric emergency care software in the Children’s Hospital of Taiz, Yemen.


Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world having been in civil war until recently. Yemen has a population of approximately 22 million spread across the western coastal region of the Arabian Peninsular. Poverty is rife with a gross national income per head of US$920 – less than half of that of the Sudan. Life expectancy at birth is 59 years for males and 62 years for females – similar statistics to those of the Sudan and Pakistan and only slightly better than Somalia. Yemen spends very little on health – only US$88 per head per annum. Immunization rates are sporadic with large numbers of reported cases of measles, mumps, pertussis and tetanus. Infant mortality (less than 12 months) is 62 per 1000 live births and the under 5 mortality rate is 84/1000. Only 14% of births have a “skilled” attendant.


Malnutrition and diseases of poverty are rife and there is poor access to healthcare. Because of the culture, it is difficult for women and children to receive care. It is difficult for women to become doctors and yet these women and children’s facilities need female doctors.


She thanks KCE and PEMSoft for its donation of a copy to the Children’s Hosptial, Taiz, Yemen, as it will assist greatly in the learning and teaching of the local doctors and nurses.



The Residents in Pediatrics at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia continue using the PEMSoft we delivered on our previous trip in 2011. Our visit in August 2012 focused on creating a public/private partnership with the CDC, the Government of Zambia, Sorenson Forensics and Zambian Society for Child Protection to establish a police DNA forensic laboratory and to integrate the systems responding to child abuse and gender based violence.

Training in Nepal

KCE Team in Senegal

Tanzanian doctors learning how to use PEMSoft

Using desktop version of PEMSoft

Meningitis Room in Yemen

KCE Team in Zambia



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Hospital in Morocco

Learning to use PEMSoft


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