Columbia 2015

KidsCareEverywhere traveled to Colombia to conduct training on PEMSoft mobile and web-based software with physicians across the country. With a team of 12 volunteers and staff members, KCE trained approximately 220 physicians and medical professionals during seven training sessions in three different Colombian cities.

A medical student downloads PEMSoft mobile and learns to navigate it with Dr. Victor Silvestre.

KidsCareEverywhere established a strong partnership with four different hospitals: Hospital Susana López de Valencia (Popayán, Colombia), Hospital Universitario del Valle and Fundación Clínica Infantil Club Noel (Cali, Colombia) and Fundación Cardioinfantil (Bogotá, Colombia). We are very excited about this new partnership and the enthusiasm that Colombian physicians have demonstrated toward integrating PEMSoft into their hospital’s infrastructure and to their care for pediatric patients. We are looking forward to continuing this partnership in the future. Stay tuned for a thorough analysis of the impact of PEMSoft on pediatric emergency care in Colombia.

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