PEMSoft Adopted into Clinical Rounds and Medical Teaching/Learning Process in India

After the incredible reception received by PEMSoft and its early adoption by residents and faculty, I continued to follow teams during their clinical rounds. While observing clinical rounds I noticed the versatility of PEMSoft as a medical knowledgebase and teaching tool. I witnessed PEMSoft being used in neonatal intensive care units, pediatric outpatient clinics, pediatric intensive care units, and general pediatrics wards. Ease of access, adoption by faculty members, inbuilt clinical pictures /videos, and speed were some of the reasons that clinicians continued to rely on PEMSoft for medical information.

Senior and junior residents often used PEMSoft to answer their clinical questions overnight or when faculty members were unavailable to answer these questions. I was particularly impressed by the frequency with which residents used PEMSoft to inform their management / treatment decisions. I witnessed subtle changes in the clinical rounds that indicated that residents were actively relying on PEMSoft as a clinical resource. I witnessed junior and senior residents integrating information from PEMSoft into their presentations during rounds. I learned that residents were using PEMSoft in addition to their textbooks to learn and broaden their knowledgebase. As the residents increased their use of PEMSoft, they also identified topics that PEMSoft’s vast database was lacking and provided feedback to include these topics in future upgrades to PEMSoft.

Over a short period of two weeks I observed as residents used PEMSoft to discover answers to various clinical questions such as – indications for renal biopsy in childhood hypertension, diagnosis and management of cyclical vomiting in children, diagnosis and management of asthma, the normal values for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) analysis in children of different ages, different inborn errors of metabolism, different types of spinal muscular atrophy, and use of granulocyte colony stimulating factor (GCSF) for febrile neutropenia. These questions spanned multiple pediatric subspecialties – endocrinology, hematology, neurology, and infectious diseases. The teaching faculty, residents, and I were impressed by the vast capabilities of PEMSoft.

Reflecting on my time in India, I am sure that PEMSoft will continue to improve clinical care of underserved children through these incredible hospitals and physicians that dedicate themselves to care of impoverished children.

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