KCE in Nepal

My first KCE mission was to Nepal in January, 2019. We trained eighty-six new graduates as well as some Attending Physicians and some faculty. Upon completion of the DMP training, several of the doctors expressed how this tool greatly increased their sense of confidence as they prepared for rural posts where they would be the sole doctor. They explained that there would be no resources, no books to read, and no seniors to consult. In addition, in these locations there may not be access to proper roads, electricity, or internet. As part of their scholarship requirements they would be posted in these remote locations for four years—and they were nervous.

We were surprised and touched by the statement of Dr. Mandhavi who said,

“Before knowing about KidCareEverywhere and the DynaMed Plus application I had been searching for this type of application to work in a place with limited resources and limited help . . . but suddenly, at last, I got this . . . There is a saying in Nepali: ‘You were searching for a stone, but you found God.’ So, this happened and I feel like that. I feel like I found God. I’m so thankful to you guys, and am so lucky to attend this training. Thank you so much.”

This response to KidsCareEverywhere underlines how important our work is. We are grateful to all who contribute in so many ways to make our missions possible. Thank you. Judith Roberts, Assistant Director, KCE

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