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KidsCareEverywhere’s mission is generously supported by EBSCO Health who donates powerful, up-to-date medical software for distribution in under-resourced countries. KidsCareEverywhere not only provides medical software but also trains medical professionals in remote locations how to use software in clinical practice.

Designed by pediatricians and other medical specialists, DynaMed is an invaluable point-of-care clinical information resource covering the entire spectrum of neonatal, infant, child, adolescent and adult health. It is ideal for hospitals, emergency departments, clinics, pediatric group practices, transport services and medical schools.

Extensive Medical Information You Can Trust

DynaMed is updated daily and covers hundreds of pediatric and general health topics. The DynaMed editorial faculty is led by a team of world renowned physicians. Hundreds of authors and editors worldwide contribute to keeping DynaMed's extensive content current.

Find Answers –

DynaMed is designed for speedy clinical decision-making. The built-in search engine provides answers to clinical questions in seconds.


All topics are provided in bulleted 
format with extensive internal links making it ideal for acute and
emergency care.


DynaMed includes a comprehensive library of images that are integrated within topics to assist in identification and diagnosis.


Educators find this feature an invaluable resource for medical education and training, and clinicians use it frequently to diagnose uncommon conditions and to guide procedures.

DynaMed is one of the world's most premiere medical software tools, and is consistently ranked as the most current evidence-based point of care reference database. The software is donated to KidsCareEverywhere by EBSCO Health.  DynaMed is a vast, constantly updated knowledge system for care of children and adults.


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