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We provide clinicians in under-resourced health systems with the most current evidence-based medical information, using DynaMed, the world's leading clinical decision-support software.

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Come grow with us! Join KCE as we take root and grow our partnerships with local leaders around the globe. We are excited to work with our dedicated DynaMed Champions to bridge the digital divide in access to medical information.

We look forward to celebrating our progress and exploring the possibilities for the future!

Our Impact

With your support, KidsCareEverywhere (KCE) provides healthcare professionals with DynaMed training

and free, ongoing access to current evidence-based medical information.

We partner with local governments, healthcare organizations, and medical schools in under-resourced locations.


In our 18 years, we have:

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Trained over 10,000 healthcare professionals and provided them with free DynaMed licenses.

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Trained dozens of clinical specialties including medical students, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists.

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Partnered with clinicians in 25 countries.

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Impacted the health outcomes of millions of patients. 

Our Value Proposition

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91% of all donations go directly towards our programs

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KCE has donated over

$8M in medical software 

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KCE can train one clinician for $25

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Each clinician sees 20,000 - 30,000 patients each year

Our Projects

In 2024, KCE traveled to Peru to train healthcare professionals. 

Next up: Bangladesh, India, Ghana, and Somalia


DynaMed has been rated the #1 clinical decision-support reference tool worldwide, and includes over 10,000 medical topics.

The software we use: DynaMed

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