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Image by Paul Szewczyk

In July 2023, KidsCareEverywhere traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia to provide training and access to DynaMed. 

Image by Gagan Gill

Learn about our upcoming projects with partners in Bangladesh and India.

Saving children's lives in under-resourced health systems by empowering physicians with state-of-the-art medical software

We envision a world where all physicians have immediate access to current medical information

Our Core Values

Child/Family Focus: KCE was founded on passion and commitment to improve health outcomes for children and families. We focus on providing tools that support clinicians who promote the unique needs of children and families.

Cultural Sensitivity: We believe that cultural sensitivity is not just about awareness of cultural differences, but also about valuing and nurturing them. We strive to build trust and mutual respect with our partners, and to promote health equity by minimizing cultural barriers to access to evidence-based medicine.

Empowerment: We strive to foster a sense of confidence, pride and self-efficacy among the clinicians we partner with, and to support their efforts to practice evidence-based medicine.

Kindness: We approach our partnerships with kindness and compassion, with a generosity of spirit and universal concern for the physical and mental welfare of all of our colleagues and friends worldwide. 

Impact: We build projects that attain lasting improvements for entire health care systems. We are dedicated to measuring and evaluating the impact of our work in order to endlessly refine our approaches for optimal efficacy.


Sustainability: We are committed to creating long-term, community-driven projects to improve clinicians’ access to evidence-based medicine. By investing in education and training, we create targeted projects that are tailored to unique needs, resources and cultures, and can be maintained after our initial site visits.

 See the KCE Impact 

View this extraordinary video testament to KCE's on-the-ground work in Ghana, Nepal, and India. 

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