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Founder's Message

Our Mission

A message from the Founder and Executive Director, Ronald Dieckmann, MD, MPH

Dear friends and colleagues,


When I founded this organization in 2006, I never imagined how gratifying our work would be, or how much it would change my own life. I also never anticipated how much need there would be among impoverished children for better health care, or how badly our medical colleagues in resource-limited environments need and want up-to-date medical information. Very few of our site providers have any medical textbooks or medical references at all to help make critical medical decisions. Ironically, almost all of them have a smart phone and access to computers.


To bridge this blatant gap in access to current knowledge, every contribution to KidsCareEverywhere is used to support our donations of medical software and training of doctors, nurses and medical providers in resource-poor environments. We help doctors help kids everywhere, and our mission is never ending. I appreciate your attention and your help, I am humbled by the task before us, but I am inspired by the transformations that we have witnessed already with the work that we do to bring remote colleagues into 21st-century medicine.



Ronald Dieckmann, MD, MPH


Founder and Executive Director, KidsCareEverywhere
Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine University of California, San Francisco

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