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KCE Ships Critical Pandemic Hardware to Colleagues in Ghana and Peru

COVID Hardware

Summer 2020

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With overwhelming numbers of COVID-19 patients now being managed by our colleagues in hospitals sites worldwide, KCE has now begun shipping critical equipment to assist physicians with personal protection from the virus.  KCE has shipped the “Thalia COVID-19 Intubation Box” to the main hospitals in both Ghana and Peru. These are sites which KCE has supported with KCE’s DynaMed software and where we have ongoing active projects. The innovative infection control plexiglass box is used during intubation of critically ill patients to reduce staff exposure to infectious secretions that might transmit COVID-19. The box is produced by Chris Bradley, a guitar-maker in Pleasant Hill, California, who is collaborating directly with Dr. Ron Dieckmann, KCE Executive Director, in the new project. The box has been highly acclaimed in American medical literature as an ingenious, safety innovation likely to save untold numbers of physicians from illness and even death.  It is illustrated in the series of images below:


How it works:

Gary Tamkin using Thalia Box.jpg

Thalia Box is placed over the patient's head and neck, forming an aerosol barrier between patient and care providers.


Medical staff wraps cling wrap around the acrylic Thalia box sealing off hand holes and body cavity.

GT using Thalia Box.jpg

Medical staff pushes hands through the sealed arm holes and performs endotracheal intubation on the patient.

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